Changing the way we think about athletes

Axon Sports is devoted to understanding and unlocking the power of the athletic brain. Great athletes have a special kind of intelligence; they see and understand the game in a way that sets them apart. Until recently, most believed that these skills–call it “vision,” “court sense,” or “sports IQ”–were not trainable, or even understandable. But they are. At Axon, we are dedicated to understanding, identifying and training those special skills that athletes require to rise above the competition.

Every day, research is teaching us more and more about how people acquire skills and develop intelligence. This knowledge will change how we look at everything. At Axon, we are working with experts in sports and neuroscience to change how the world understands athletic performance. We want to turn training on its head.

This site hopes to be a place where people can learn about and discuss anything and everything related to the athletic brain. It is also where we are introducing some of the training tools that we are working on. Above all, it is about potential.