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How Sleep Helps Johnny Manziel

via Dan Peterson

Last month, Johnny Manziel, Heisman Trophy winning quarterback at Texas A&M, made news when he was asked to leave the Manning Passing Academy after he missed a morning meeting and practice.  In his role as a coach/counselor to the future QBs at the camp, he was helping teach the fundamental movements and technique of the position.  His reason for his absence? “I just overslept”.  While some in the media have suggested other reasons for his “tiredness”, new research reveals that all that sleep may have actually helped him improve his own motor skills for the new season. Researchers have known for awhile that we all need sleep, not only for rejuvenation, …

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The Rhythms Of The Olympic Athletic Brain

via Axon Sports

For sports fans, the first week of the London Olympics has delivered a spectacular spectrum of sports competition. For sports performance and human movement scientists, the Summer Games are a live laboratory for their theories and research.  Whether it’s watching the record-setting swimming strokes of Michael Phelps or the acrobatic gymnastic routines of Gabby Douglas, kinesiologists have been stumped to explain exactly how the human brain instructs the body to perform such advanced movements.  Last month, researchers at Stanford, Columbia and Cambridge Universities released a study that proposes a very different theory of how this brain-body communication takes place. For years, cognitive scientists used what we knew about our visual system …

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